General Consultations

First time consultations [generally take 1 ½ hours] – £ 80.00
One Hour Consultations – £ 70.00
Children under 12 years – £ 50.00
For adults with chronic conditions it is advisable to book an hour and a half for the first appointment to allow enough time.

Natural Fertility Management Consultations

The first two sessions are two hours and there is approximately one month between appointments. Fees include monthly assessments of female charts.
To Include Both Partners –  £ 175.00  for each of the first two sessions. These appointments are a month apart and take approximately two hours.
Fertility Women only – £ 155.00 for each of the first two sessions.
Fertility Men only – £ 140.00 for each of the first two sessions.

Different fees apply for appointments made in West Sussex. For further information please contact Julia on 07741 272 121 or email info@clinicofherbalmedicine.co.uk.

Cost of Medicines

Medicines are dispensed according to individual need.
On average the cost of herbal medicines will cost adults approximately £ 38.00 per month per person. These may be tinctures or a combination of tablets or capsules and herbal teas.

Herbs for children on average cost between £ 10 – £ 15 per month according to age.

Supplements are provided according to need.