Natural Fertility Treatment

Natural Fertility Treatment

For couples wishing to have preconception care or for those who have experienced problems conceiving or had failed IVF or other assisted conception attempts.

Natural Fertility Management offers preconception health care for couples and  Natural solutions or support to fertility problems.

If planning conception both partners are encouraged to attend the first two sessions.

This programme increases chances of a successful conception, healthy pregnancy, birth and baby.

The first two fertility consultations are for a duration of two hours and usually one month apart. At the first consultation as well as listening to present problems a thorough case history and family history will be taken from both partners and includes your present diet and lifestyle.  Women will be taught how to chart their monthly cycles accurately to be used as a diagnostic tool and after treatment to assist with timing techniques.

Sometimes additional examinations or non invasive tests may be necessary. Follow up sessions when necessary are one hour.

Herbal prescriptions and nutrients are provided according to needs and adjusted as necessary until pregnancy occurs. Continuing support is provided during pregnancy.

In cases when there are no options other than to have I.V.F or assisted conception attempts [such as in cases of scar tissue blocking fallopian tubes]  then completing the natural fertility programme beforehand will increase your chances of success and help reduce side effects. Men with poor semen analysis results should complete the  preconception programme before embarking on natural or assisted conception atempts. This will increase your  chances of a healthy baby and reduce your risk of failure or miscarriege.

Some of the most common complaints Natural Fertility offers  treatments and support for are:

Hormonal imbalances, Unexplained fertility problems, Chronic conditions affecting Male or Female Fertility,  Chronic Hormonal  conditions causing pain, Irregular cycles, men with Poor Semen Analysis results, Immune support, Weight problems ,  support for Pain Management, Digestion problems.

We are always happy to answer any additional questions if you would like to contact us.